BeeScrolls is a new towny-survival minecraft 1.16.1 server with a growing community. It's meant to be simple and fun. The server has lots of plugins to enhance gameplay such as silkspawners, playervaults, and crates, just to name a few.

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/jobs browse

Jobs provides in game money to players as they do certain actions, such as break specific blocks, or place items.

Level up your job to earn more money.

Each player can have up to 2 jobs.




Quests add more storylines to the game, and is totally optional. 
To start a quest, click on an NPC with a bold name.

As you complete quests you unlock new regions, special items, and earn in game money.




Spawn in a life long companion with /pet.

You have the opportunity of choosing from many mobs, along with the ability to name them.

Available with a rank upgrade.


Player Particles


Create your own custom particles with an easy to use GUI.

Choose from many different styles and effects to make many combinations of particles.

Available with a rank upgrade.




Disguise yourself as any mob or entity!
Every other player and hostile mob sees your disguise, and you can even customize disguises.

Available with a rank upgrade.

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