Grants Player the Emerald Rank in game which includes commands from the Diamond rank and:

/pv (7 playervaults)
+2 sethomes (9 total)
The ability to use colors in /nick, signs, chat, and messages


pets available:

cat, cow, horse, ocelot, pig, sheep, squid, wolf, cave spider, chicken, enderman, ghast, parrot, rabbit, bat, cod, fox, panda, salmon, spider, villager, blaze, creeper, drowned, elder guardian, giant, iron golem, witch, armor stand, dolphin, evoker, llama, polar bear, snowman, turtle, wither 



disguises available:

cow, horse, ocelot, pig, sheep, squid, wolf, chicken, underman, ghost, parrot, rabbit, bat, blaze, creeper, spider, villager, egg, guardian, husk, minecart, snowman, wither, zombie


/pp (player particles)


witch, splash, smoke, rain, underwater, squid ink, spell, portal, note, spit, poof, nautilus, large-smoke, lava, flame, sweep attack, item, heart, firework, explosion, enchant, bubble, totem of undying, item snowball, fishing, dust, dolphin, cloud, crit, bubble column up


arrows, beam, chains, cube, batman, blockbreak, blockplace, celebration, companion, feet, halo, hurt, invocation, move, normal, orbit, popper, pulse, quadhelix, rings, sphere, spin, spiral, swords, vortex, whirlwind, wings, point, overhead, thick

Maximum Particle groups: 15



In order to purchase this Rank please go to:




This rank is also Avlible in a Subscription mode that would cost less please contact Owners for more information

  • Giftable Item

    Feeling kind? 

    Any rank such as this one can be gifted to another player on the server.


Important Information about your orders

As of right now, we are unable to take orders through our WIX site, please go to Tebex to place any orders. We understand that this isn't  ideal. If you have any questions one of our team members will be happy to help you.!

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